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FRISCO 4500 Engine 

restored and on display

  in Tulsa, Oklahoma on the Mother Road!

route 66

Hit the road to see the sights, experience this Country’s finest eateries and feel the heartbeat of it’s residents...traveling Route 66 in your own vehicle was the way to go but so much more traveled along it’s pathways...freight, food, and fuel rode the rails alongside the cars!

Historic Route 66 - The Mother Road and More...
  1. Hundreds of visitors from....

                            ....all over the world

Workers can hardly get their project finished, because those who see the train HAVE TO STOP and want to ask questions!  

  1. The World’s Tallest Oil Derrick

Standing next to the tracks a steel reminder of the Oil Boom that made Tulsa the “Oil Capitol of the World” rises 194 feet in the air...with the historic site of that first oil strike on June 25, 1901 [see more...]

Southwest Boulevard in Tulsa...a transportation dream come true

Located in the heart of the Nation, Tulsa is often referred to as an important intersection of America...where railroads, highways and pipelines crisscross the country.